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  Destiny 2: How To Complete Every Vault Of Glass Challenge

  By Charles Burgar

  Published Jun 16, 2021


  From “Wait for it…” to “Strangers in Time,” we’ll go over how you can complete every Vault of Glass challenge.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Challenges Featured

  The Destiny 2 version of the Vault of Glass raid has some small yet important changes when compared to its original counterpart. Encounters like Oracles and Gatekeepers have been overhauled, the loot from VoG is much more powerful, and some new challenges have been created to test your fireteam’s skill.


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  There are two types of challenges: weekly and Triumphs. Weekly challenges rotate every week, granting a second chest worth of loot and additional Spoils of Conquest when that challenge is completed. The challenge only affects one encounter. Triumph challenges are for earning the Fatebreaker title. Today, we’ll be going over every challenge for the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2, both the weekly challenges and those tied to the Fatebreaker title.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Conflux Encounter

  Wait for it…?During the confluxes encounter, only defeat Wyverns while they’re sacrificing.


  Weekly ChallengeYes

  Throughout the second encounter, Wyverns will occasionally spawn and attempt to sacrifice at a conflux. For this challenge, you can only?kill?the Wyvern while they’re sacrificing.

  While you can’t kill the Wyvern before they sacrifice, you can still damage them. When a Wyvern spawns, try to bring its health down to 25% or so. Once it begins to sacrifice at a conflux, killing the Wyvern should be much easier.

  If a conflux disappears before a Wyvern reaches it, the Wyvern should despawn after a few seconds. Should the Wyvern persist?after its conflux despawns, you can kill the Wyvern without voiding the challenge.


  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Oracle

  The Only Oracle for You:?Complete the Oracle encounter without destroying the same Oracle more than once.

  Weekly Challenge? Yes

  This is arguably the trickiest weekly challenge out of them all. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard if your team knows where each Oracle spawns.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Oracle Spawns Map

  Via: Destiny Raider

  Have each player stand near a unique Oracle spawn location. There are seven in total but only six Guardians, so you’ll need to tie two Oracles together as one spawn that a player needs to look over. The most convenient are L3 and R3 (otherwise known as “left dark” and “right dark”), or coupling the middle Oracle with L1 or R1. It’s up to your team.


  Once a wave of Oracles spawn, your team will destroy them like normal, calling out the order in which they spawn before destroying them. When the wave ends,?everyone needs to rotate clockwise to the next Oracle spawn. Even if you didn’t have an Oracle spawn, you still need to rotate clockwise. The next wave will spawn. Destroy?your Oracle if it spawns, and continue to rotate clockwise until the encounter ends. This way, you don’t need to track which Oracles you’ve destroyed. The encounter will end before you reach your original Oracle location.

  A rotation would look something like this:

  Wave One:?You’re stationed at middle. The middle Oracle doesn’t spawn. You rotate clockwise to L1 once the first set of Oracles are broken.

  Wave Two:?You’re stationed at L1. The L1 Oracle spawns second. You destroy your Oracle like normal. You rotate to L2.

  Wave Three:?You’re stationed at L2. The L2 Oracle doesn’t spawn. When the Oracles are destroyed, you rotate to L3 and R3.

  Wave Four:?You’re stationed at L3 and R3, otherwise known as “dark.” L3 spawns first, and R3 spawns fourth. You destroy L3 first, wait until it’s your turn, then destroy R3 fourth. You rotate to R2.

  Wave Five:?You’re stationed at R2. The Oracle spawns. You destroy it as normal. The encounter ends.


  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Templar

  Out of Its Way:?Defeat the Templar without allowing it to teleport.

  Weekly Challenge? Yes

  This is the go-to strategy in most Destiny 2 raid groups. When the Aegis wielder destroys the Templar’s shields, it’ll periodically deploy a circular ring at a certain part of the arena. If someone stands in the ring, the Templar won’t teleport, extending the DPS phase.

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  Have the Aegis wielder block all Templar teleports. If the Templar detains the Aegis wielder, be sure someone breaks them out. The other five players focus on killing the Templar. If your team deals enough DPS, you can ignore the first set of Oracles entirely. Otherwise, break the first set of Oracles before the Aegis wielder drops the Templar’s shield. You should be able to kill the Templar before the second set of Oracles wipe your fireteam.


  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Venus Portal

  Strangers in Time:?During the Gatekeepers encounter, defeat the Wyvern and Praetorian Minotaur enemies?within 3 seconds of each other.

  Weekly Challenge? Yes

  Each portal in the Gatekeepers encounter will spawn one of two enemies: a Wyvern or a Praetorian Minotaur. Normally, the side that gets a Wyvern can kill it as soon as it spawns, and the side with a Praetorian needs to wait for the Aegis wielder to arrive. For this challenge, both sides need to wait until the Praetorian side gets the Aegis so they can break its shield.

  Aegis wielders will need to be on their A-game for this challenge, as swapping the shield too slowly will apply immense pressure to both sides instead of just one. Once the Praetorian side has the Aegis, both sides will need to kill their Wyvern or Minotaur within three seconds of each other.


  Similar to the conflux weekly challenge, it’s a good idea to have the Wyvern side drop the Wyvern’s HP to 20% or so while they wait for the Praetorian side to get the Aegis. Once both sides are ready, kill the Wyvern and Minotaur at the same time. You can use a countdown from three to get everyone ready.

  Note:?You only need to kill the Wyverns and Praetorians from the portals simultaneously. During the conflux defense section in the throne room, you can kill the Wyverns and Minotaurs as you please.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Atheon Portal Oracles

  Ensemble’s Refrain:?During the Atheon encounter, destroy no more than one Oracle per Oracle wave.


  Weekly Challenge? Yes

  Whenever half of your raid team gets teleported to past or future Venus, that team will need each person to destroy one Oracle per wave. If you destroy more than one Oracle in the same wave, the challenge fails. In essence, this forces the Aegis wielder to drop their relic for a second to break an Oracle. You have ten seconds to grab the Aegis again before it despawns, so this challenge shouldn’t be that demanding for Aegis wielders.

  If your fireteam is struggling with this challenge, have each member destroy a certain Oracle in the set. One person always destroys the first Oracle that spawns, the second person destroys the second Oracle, and the Aegis user will always destroy the last one. This allows the Aegis player to ignore the Oracle callouts and focus on killing adds for that section, only destroying an Oracle once the first two are destroyed. If destroying the Oracles is an issue, have everyone equip Xenophage. It’ll one-shot Oracles.


  The Oracle you destroy doesn’t matter; you just can’t break more than one per wave.?Don’t use Warmind Cells, as they can destroy every Oracle simultaneously and void the challenge.

  If your team is struggling with callouts for this encounter, consult our VoG raid guide. We cover how you can avoid inverted callouts in our Atheon section.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Spire Encounter Front Plate

  Break No Plates:?Complete the Waking Ruins encounter while not losing a single sync plate to the Vex.

  Weekly ChallengeNo

  In essence, you have to complete the opening spire encounter without allowing a single Vex to touch a plate. Minotaurs will be your main concern here, so be sure you have Special or Heavy weapons that can quickly take them out. Warmind Cells and Stasis work as well. If you fail the challenge, you can restart the raid to try again.


  Destiny 2 Dragon's Den Challenge

  Dragon’s Den:?Complete the confluxes encounter while defeating Wyverns with only Super damage.

  Weekly ChallengeNo

  Despite the wording,?you can damage the Wyvern with a weapon to weaken it.?So long as the final blow is from a Super, you’ll complete the Triumph. Use Supers that deal good damage from a distance to stay safe from negation pools.

  Good Supers for this challenge include:

  Golden Gun

  Blade Barrage

  Nova Bomb

  Chaos Reach

  Thundercrash (be careful where you land)

  Hammer of Sol

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Confluxes Arena

  Take Cover:?Don’t defeat any Hobgoblins during the Oracles encounter.

  Weekly Challenge? No

  Hobgoblins will spawn on Vex structures outside of the arena throughout the Oracles encounter. You can’t kill any of them for this challenge. This is easier said than done, as around a dozen spawn after a few waves.

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  You’ll want to use mods and a subclass that’ll increase your survivability.?Protective Light?and?Sniper Damage Resistance?are excellent for this challenge, granting a massive amount of damage resistance for conditions that should be easy to meet (become Charged with Light and stay 40+ meters away from the enemy, respectively).

  Good subclasses for this challenge include:

  Way of the Pathfinder (Hunter):?Throw a Smoke Bomb at your feet when you need to leave cover. Pair with The Sixth Coyote to have on-demand invisibility.

  Attunement of Grace (Warlock):?Deploy a Well of Radiance when things get dicey. Any spec with Healing Rift works too.

  Code of the Protector (Titan):?Ward of Dawn is an excellent Super for this challenge, giving you a sizable amount of cover for a long duration.

  Destiny 2 Tempered Teleport Challenge

  Tempered Teleport:?Complete the Templar encounter while never blocking the Templar’s teleport.

  Weekly Challenge? No

  Most raid teams block the Templar’s teleports throughout the encounter, as this extends the amount of time you can damage the boss. For this challenge, you?have to let the Templar teleport. This significantly reduces your damage window, so you’ll want to bring burst DPS weapons like Rocket Launchers and Shotguns. It takes the boss nearly ten minutes before it enrages, so you have plenty of time to kill the Templar with this strategy.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Gorgon's Labyrinth

  Too Fast, Two Gorgons:?Complete the Gorgons’ Labyrinth encounter while defeating 2 or more Gorgons within 3 seconds of each other.

  Weekly Challenge? No

  Gorgons are incredibly tanky in Destiny 2, taking virtually no damage from all weapons. Well, except one. For whatever reason, Wardcliff Coil deals an absurd amount of damage to Gorgons, capable of killing one in just a few rockets.

  For this challenge, you’ll need to open the hidden chest in the Gorgons’ Labyrinth by destroying all six Vex cubes in the maze. Once the hidden chest door is opened, place a Rally Banner to fill your Wardcliff Coil reserves. You can wait for the two Gorgons outside the door to clump together, then have your fireteam unload their Wardcliff Coil rockets into the duo. So long as you have ammo, you should be able to kill both of them within three seconds of each other with no issue.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Atheon Mars Aegis

  Rabid Relic:?Complete the Gatekeepers encounter while only using Relic Super damage to defeat Praetorians.

  Weekly Challenge? No

  Due to the hot potato nature of the Gatekeepers encounter, it’s tough to have a Super charged by the time a Praetorian reaches a conflux. Since you can?only?deal Super damage to the Praetorians for this challenge, your options for this encounter are extremely limited.

  Have your fireteam focus on using Supers and mods that spawn Orbs of Power, as the Orb’s Super energy does charge the Aegis’ Super faster. Some good Supers include for making Orbs include:

  Golden Gun (bottom tree)

  Blade Barrage

  Chaos Reach

  Well of Radiance

  Ward of Dawn

  Hammer of Sol

  You’ll also want to use a Masterworked weapon to generate Orbs of Power on multikills.

  As for mods, you’ll want to use?Vex Breaker, Vex Destroyer, or Vex Striker—all of which are VoG-exclusive raid mods that generate Orbs of Power. Stack one of these mods as much as you can, as this will increase the amount of Super energy the generated Orbs of Power provide.

  For the strategy itself, play the encounter as normal. When the Aegis is heading to your side, use your Super to generate a few Orbs for the Aegis wielder. Try to land as many multikills as you can to spawn Masterwork Orbs.?You can also try to push the Praetorian out of the way while you wait for the Aegis to arrive. Just be sure you don’t die while doing this.

  Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Atheon

  Eyes on Atheon:?Defeat Atheon without destroying any Supplicants.

  Weekly Challenge? No

  Supplicants are the explosive Harpies that spawn after Atheon teleports three random fireteam members. You can’t kill any of them for this challenge. Be sure that any Harpies you’re shooting are actually Harpies and not Supplicants waiting idly.?A self-destructing Supplicant that doesn’t take?any?damage won’t count as a kill.?If you damage a Supplicant at all, if it self-destructs, it’ll count as a kill.

  There isn’t much advice for this challenge besides staying away from Supplicants throughout the encounter. Throne team should try to stand on elevated surfaces to prevent the Supplicants from self-destructing. When the DPS phase begins, everyone should damage at the island floating directly in front of Atheon, as fighting near the portal staircase could cause Supplicants to run into your line of fire.

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