[Fade to Silence]Kyrie Irving Posts Cryptic Message On Instagram: Write It Down, Work In Silence, Then Make It Look E

Tag: 2021-07-21 21:06


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  Kyrie Irving finished his first full season with the Brooklyn Nets, taking the team to the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, the team couldn't get past the second round, getting knocked out by the Milwaukee Bucks.

  He's ready to run it back with a healthy roster, especially his Big 3 teammates Kevin Durant and James Harden. The trio didn't play many minutes together and fans believe that would have changed the outcome of their Eastern Conference semifinals series.?

  Now it's time for Kyrie to chill and get some rest. Still, he's already making some noise on social media, and nobody knows if he's talking about his time with the Nets or anything else. Recently, the 2016 NBA champion shared a cryptic message on Instagram that left fans wondering what he was talking about.?

  ”Write it down, work in silence, then make it look effortless,” Kyrie captioned the post with.?

  Some say this could refer to recent rumors placing him out of Brooklyn; others think he's working on a new project. Only Kyrie knows the answer, and we have to wait to see what he's really up to.?

  After struggling with injuries, Irving will try to bounce back next season to prove doubters wrong. The Nets couldn't get the job done with Kyrie, KD, and Harden, and it's time to prove their doubters wrong.?