[Gorn]Gorn Quest Port Release Date Announcement Coming This Week

Tag: 2021-07-21 21:24

  After announcing the port in September last year, we should know the release date for Gorn on Oculus Quest within the week.

  Yes, you read that right — the Gorn developers made an announcement of an announcement, as seen in the tweet below. Sadly the game itself is not coming within the week, only the news of when the release date will be. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have some kind of update on the progress of bringing the slapstick gladiator simulator to Quest.

  ALIMTA willing, we should be able to announce the release date of GORN on Quest this coming week! We just want to be 100% sure everything is in order before we announce.

  — GORN (@gornvr) January 9, 2021

  Gorn originally released for PC VR in 2019 and we absolutely loved it. After that, a PSVR port was scheduled to come out that same year, but got delayed several times and was eventually pushed into 2020. After facing some annoyance from the fans with the PSVR delays, the Gorn developers said they didn’t want to give any estimate of release date for the Quest port when they announced it last year, stating they just want it to be “as good as possible.”

  Given the initial hesitation to give even a rough estimate for the Quest release, the news of a date announcement within the week hopefully means we can expect that date to be sooner rather than later. The team said would only announce a date when it was confident, so that’s an encouraging sign.

  The port isn’t being handled by Gorn developers Free Lives themselves, but by 24 Bit Games, who managed Gorn’s PSVR port from last year. Despite being a technically demanding game, we have high hopes for the Quest version and look forward to trying it out as soon as possible.