[Auto Chess]’Auto Chess’ Comes Full Circle With MOBA Spin-Off

Tag: 2021-07-21 21:28

  Auto Chess is coming full circle with a new MOBA spin-off announced by Dragonest earlier this month.

  In an announcement video which you can view above, the developer’s CEO Loring Lee explains that while it’s not the first MOBA game the company has created, it’ll be the first one to feature all your favorite characters — and even items — from?Auto Chess. Aside from the standard features in a MOBA title, there’ll also be small elements to make the game more competitive, including destructible environments and a day-night cycle that affects your vision. Most significantly, Lee says that the game will not feature any pay-to-win mechanics at all, and there won’t be ways for players to boost their stats outside of the game itself. All heroes will be made available to every player to keep the game “fair.”

  Auto Chess originally spawned as a mod for the massively-popular MOBA game?Dota 2, and was launched back in 2019 by Drodo Studio, which released a full-fledged standalone version later that year. The original mod’s exceptionally well reception led Valve to make their own spinoff?Dota Underlords, which was followed by Riot Games’ League of Legends version Teamfight Tactics.

  At launch,?Auto Chess MOBA will only be available on mobile platforms, although Dragonest has yet to announce any release details otherwise, so fans of the franchise should definitely keep an eye out for more updates from the developer.

  Elsewhere in gaming, CD Projekt Red is facing a class-action lawsuit over the release of?Cyberpunk 2077.

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