[Hitman 2 EPIC GAME Store]EPIC GAME STORE Limited Time Free Two Games

Tag: 2021-06-25 15:37

  Epic Games Store is free to send a game for free!This official is not sending a single game,Instead, send “reliable express” and “you painted me guess 2” two games,Let players stay at home can also be happy with friends.

  ”Reliable Express” is a game that sent express delivery.Players can use a variety of different means to transport their own goods.And it is necessary to successfully transport the goods to the target!The only difficulty in the game is the physical engine similar to “human bell-grounded”.Let you have a little difficulty in handling!


  ”You painted me guess 2″,It is a casual party game “you painted me guess”.The game supports 3 to 8 people play,The picture with a happy breath.When the player accepts the topic given by the system,You can play the imagination to draw paintings,Other players give an answer based on the painting graph.In addition,Those funny mistakes will definitely let players hilarious,Is a non-good team gathering game,Everyone can be happy.But unfortunately,The game does not support Chinese language.


  Currently “reliable express” and “You can paint I guess 2” can be collected free,Players can receive these two games in the Epic Games Store before April 9.

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