[Hitman 3 with Hitman 2]SOLO Rolling the Chinese team Who dares to say that European and American is a chicken feed in addition to happy?

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  China-Europe’s third game,Color will usher in with the “European Elf King” Foggy.

  In the previous two games,Although the Chinese team takes three points in the multi-person sports.However, the romantic “lesson” is a complete Hitman “lesson”.The European and American teams were flattered.

  The third debut color success or failure,It is especially important.

  If you put it in a month ago,Call the dark night,I believe that countless people will be unconditionally optimistic about “Xiong Wang” color,But I just hit a colorful color of 5 to 0 by Moon.Can this time to stand the pressure from Foggy?


  Second, KOG – the ultimate answer of the night fighting bear?

  First game AZ,Foggy’s White Tiger Hunter Rush Rush is colored with early BP and strict defensive terrain, and the tactics of single DH speed bear easily,Color seems to have all the tactics that foggy except for the struggle.

  On the night’s fight,Color of the previous period is almost invincible.

  however,Before the color was defeated by Moon 5rd,Moon smashed the unbeaten golden body of the colorful struggle in the late stage of KOG bun.

  This time,Moon’s faithful fans of Foggy nature is inherited with Moon’s tactical clothes.


  KOG strong post-capacity shocked the opponent in the dark night,The color of the habit of the second hair is naturally unwilling to drag to 80 people.Let the thorn radius dominate the battlefield.On Ni,Color take the initiative to start attack when 50 peopleIt is necessary to establish enough advantages in the medium term.

  Foggy’s leveling rhythm is very compact,After taking the big TP, the rebar is relying on the shorter war line, the main well water,Didn’t let the color have a half points,The advantage of the main battle in the night fight in the night,It is enough to offset the strong in the middle of the city.The two sides have to hang it to the main mine.Seeking the end of the battle.

  A few degrees in three minutes,Thousands of miles of attack

  The first wave of war after the mineColor seizes yourself three attack three defenses, 5th-level Naga’s advantages,Actively launch offense,I want to quickly solve the battle again.however,This wave lasted for three minutes of group battle a few peaks to turn.Instead, the situation is more confusing.

  Colored three attack three defense pairs of Foggy second attack two defenses,The advantage is indeed obvious.One minute after the war,The number of hidden beares in the color battlefield has already had a significant advantage.

  Unexpectedly, the two bearings of the Foggy battlefield have passed.Just a slap in the face of the empty blood DH just opened.

  Acrobics may be late,But never absent,The situation is reversed in an instant.


  Foggy continued to grasp the color of the color without DH after two heads,The color is bought after the battle.And with the control of the deer,Playing with foggy a can’t prevent it,I have killed the DH of Foggy.Simultaneously,The color took a large number of Xiong Dejun, with a residual blood Naga.The big battlefield quickly differentiated into two small battlefields.


  Just when you are in admiring the operation of colorful red blood,Foggy next performance is more eye-catching.

  Colored DH rushed to color foggy, these four bear,The residual blood is taking the airship home replenishment.And the Kog of Foggy quickly went home to drink water,At the same time, DH is immediately transferred to the four “expedition” bear body of chasing Naja.Want to work in the second battlefield with colored DH “single pick”.


  However, after the colorful DH arrived,Foggy is running,Colored DH All the way to chase the bear butt is a violent output,I don’t know if he gradually chased him.The trap set by Foggy has fallen.

  Colored single-horses chased DH,When the head hit the replenishment of the completion of the full state, it talented.After an entry,The previous second is still awarded the Foggy troops that are helmet.Steward direction,Quickly turned into a fierce warrior,A beautiful murdery,The result was the life of color level 5 DH.This wave of multi-line operations, incense the enemy’s “IQ” war,Foggy won the victory.


  The back water kills KOG,You think is quiet = invincible?

  at this time,Foggy’s DH has been 6th,KOG has also been 5 most,And color DH death,Nakhah, Nagah,The color of the color is already shaking in the wind and rain.

  It has already felt that the wingings in the grip did not assemble the troops to remove the main mines that colored and climbed.Instead, I will directly get into the color of the main base.KOG without DH restricted KOG, reached 6 after killing two bearings.The color of the backwater is only one goal at the moment: drag to DH resurrection!


  The color of the desperate explosion has made great energy,Operation, he pays attention to every ice arrow attack in Naga,Carefully operate every Xinder’s walk,Plate the main wells in the main scene to the ultimate,I finally dragged to the DH pub.Turning back to the battlefield.

  Relaxed Foggy an uncomfortable tranquility gave a color chance.Foggy’s Xiong De is in the charge,There is no protection of Xiong De.KOG stands with a quiet behavior is simply giving opponents as living targets.Color quickly assembles all the troops,All staffPlay all the output on Kog,Kill it in three seconds,The rich experience value sent his Naga and DH to level 6!


  Does find the cost of the negligence of him?

  Quiet is not invincible,But the double 6 is really no solution

  Eat the door of the foggy, rapid retreat,At this time, he already knows that the speed is not reached.Color has been in the previous wave of back water, the gay is grateful,Almost lost all Xume,So, foggy only needs to resurrect KOG at this time.After waiting for the arm, then launch an offense.Victory is still in his own hands.

  Everything is ready,Foggy once again launched an attack.This time,He is no longer expanded, and he put the battlefield in the colored mining area without a moon.Xiongde frame in front of DH,KOG is quiet to escort,DH will make a big base base forced color to make mistakes,This calm choice makes it very uncomfortable.


  This time,The joining of airship is more to let the color of the color Kog try to end.


  The 6-level big devil’s pair of fightingFoggy is the first to reach level 7,The battlefield is also completely rolled in color.finally,Foggy still has a shocking, a one-to-risk,Elite the score.

  Thorn radiopsis deterrence – the attack of the night’s fight

  The fight in the talents will lose again.Colors have gradually realized that KOG is importance in this confrontation.

  It can be said,KOG strong later shocked every Naga,When the opponent’s mouth is kog, and I bought the moment of Naga.Such a psychological pressure begins.

  One of the two-haired KOG occupies the absolute initiative of the combat mentality,They can greatly drag the MF in the future, and they will build the defensive array of the Ronaldi.com.Waiting for heart-focusing opponent 50 people’s attack,Forcing your opponent’s mistakes than yourself.

  ”Siege under,Attacks.Military warfare,Heart battle is.”


  Deconomy Bureau TR,Returned the bear war,Colors have finally joined the KOG boss’s big family.

  Unfortunately, I will hold a store to grab a store in the previous period.Color lost the initiative.And the top-level route is extremely bold, and the colorful color has no TP.Two black fat points have been steady,The number of permanent treasures is far ahead of colors.The final laid the victory of the final wins.

  HAPPY is not easy?The advantages of self-sealing will trip us

  Hitman steadily stabilized,Foggy is fine,The first day of the Chinese and foreign confrontationThe Chinese team 1V1 two warfales.Comperse at the Netease Platform Platform,The Chinese team suffered more powerful opponents than imagination.tonight,We will fight away,On the W3C platform,When the disadvantages of the network came to us,The second day of competition,Can we still retreat?


  Don’t think that happy is not coming,The European and American team is a group of “chicken feed”.The historical score of the game in the Golden League has only fly in 8 players in the same grade.Hitman’s third rankings on the ELO are also absorbed.

  Based on the opponent’s understanding,This time,The Chinese team players never read their European and American opponents.

  however,Many viewers,But look small, look at them.So what is expected and the process, there is a huge drop between the results,Thus, anger is discharged to the Chinese team’s players.


  Good news is,The failure of 1v1 last night did not let us lag behind his opponent.In the 2V2 in Fly and Small Kelle, the 4V4 Chinese team is obviously better than the opponent’s understanding.Help us on the first day’s team points to fight with the European team,The gap is not open.

  tonight,Although the Chinese team has a disadvantage in the network,But the Hawk, which is played by the European and American team, is weaker than the single strength of Cash,And the Chinese team’s military heart is in Fly is about to debut.Plus the advantages of 4V4, 2V2 strength,The Chinese team fights in the second game.Can you play a turning?It is important to have a critical opposition of this immersion.

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