[hyper scape xbox one release date]What Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games are now truly free-to-play?

Tag: 2021-07-08 11:47

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  (Pocket-lint) – Xbox has changed its Xbox Live Gold membership to no longer apply to free-to-play games. That means more than 50 titles are now truly free and don’t require a paid subscription to play them.

  You will still need a free Xbox Live account but don’t have to pay for Gold membership.

  So, here are the games you can play for free, including a few highlights we recommend you get started on immediately.

  Simply download any of the games below on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S via the Xbox Store and crack on. There’s not too much more to it really.

  Of course, while the games below are now available without Xbox Live Gold membership, you still need it for online multiplayer access on paid titles, such as FIFA 21 and Call of Duty games that aren’t Warzone.

  You also get several completely free games each month, which aren’t available to non-members.

  If you do still feel the need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, it costs £6.99 / $9.99 per month. But, the most cost effective way to get it is via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs £10.99 / $14.99 per month.

  This includes Xbox Live Gold, access to more than 300 Xbox games, more than 200 Windows 10 PC games, Electronic Arts’ back catalogue through EA Play, access to games via cloud streaming, and more.


  Here are five free games we suggest you get playing right away…


  The free-to-play COD battle royale game has proved a massive success since its launch a couple of years ago. It also refreshes often, with new maps and in-game events.


  Like Warzone, this is somewhat an obvious choice but you can’t ignore class. The FPS game has been refreshed costantly since launch, offering new challenges, skins and characters. If you’ve never taken the plunge before, now is surely the time.


  Some don’t realise it, but there is plenty to play for free in Destiny 2 without needing to purchase any of the expansions. Some missions and PVP action in The Crucible will be available to you for starters.


  Trekkies will get a whole lot out of Star Trek Online without needing to pay a penny. The massively multiplayer online RPG allows you to create your own captain and travel the Star Trek universe, meeting characters from the shows and more.


  Another hugely popular battle royale game, Apex Legends is by Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) and, like many of the above, features Seasons with new content drops regularly.

  3on3 FreeStyleAegis WingAPB ReloadedApex LegendsArmored WarfareBattle Islands: CommandersBless UnleashedBrawlhallaCall of Duty: WarzoneCrackdownCrackdown 2Crimson AllianceCrossoutCRSED: F.O.A.D.Darwin ProjectDauntlessDC Universe OnlineDead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core FightersDead or Alive 6: Core FightersDefiance 2050Destiny 2Doritos Crash CourseDungeon Defenders IIEnlistedEternal Card GameFamily Game NightFishing PlanetFortniteGalaxy Control: ArenaHappy WarsHarm’s WayHawkenHyper ScapeKiller InstinctKorganMinion MastersNeverwinterOutriders (Demo)PaladinsPath of ExilePhantasy Star Online 2Phantom DustPinball FX2Prominence PokerRealm RoyaleRec RoomResident Evil Revelations 2ROBLOXRocket LeagueRogue CompanySkyforgeSMITESpacelordsSpellbreakStar Trek OnlineTechwars Global ConflictTERAThe Four Kings Casino and SlotsToo HumanTroveVigorWar ThunderWarfaceWarframeWorld of TanksWorld of Warships: LegendsYaris

  Writing by Rik Henderson.

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