How To Avoid Scams When Searching For Columbus Ohio Houses For Rent

As you search for Columbus Ohio houses for rent, it is important to take steps to protect yourself. There are a lot of scammers out there that try to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Knowing what to watch for can help keep you from inadvertently becoming a victim.

One of the primary ways that people steal from potential renters is by having them wire money to them. Typically, the scammer will list a property for rent at a price that is incredibly low compared to other similar listings. The idea is that when people see the price, they will be eager to act. Once someone contacts them about the listing, the scammer tells them that they will need to wire money for their first month’s rent or for the security deposit in order to hold the rental house. Otherwise, they will be forced to rent it to someone else.

To avoid missing out on the deal, people often follow through, sending money through Moneygram, Western Union, or a prepaid credit card, thinking that it will reserve the house for them. In fact, however, the scammer simply disappears with the money, never to be heard from again. Sending money through these services is exactly like sending cash, meaning that there is no way to get it back after it is sent.

The best way to avoid this particular scam is by making sure that you never send money to a landlord through one of these services. Instead, all payments should be made by check or credit card so that you have some recourse available if the landlord disappears with your money. You should also have a chance to view the house in person before sending money through any method.

Another way to avoid scams is by keeping an eye out for deals that look too good to be true. If a rental house is priced much lower than similar houses on the market, it could be a red flag. Think logically when you view properties. Is it reasonable to expect that a high-end house in a popular neighborhood would rent for the same amount of money as a small apartment in a less desirable area? Probably not.

Finally, when looking for Columbus Ohio houses for rent, you should always view them in person before paying any money or signing a lease. You need to make sure that the landlord truly owns or manages the property and that they aren’t just trying to take advantage of you.

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